Solo or in company?

Apart from a few pleasure trips made in company, I, in the mountains, go alone and to make the mountaineering trips I rely on the professionalism of a guide.

I really like to go solo, being able to completely isolate myself from the world, being able to establish a unique relationship with the mountains and nature, is a moment of reflection; from a logistical point of view it is nice to be independent, have no constraints on the choice of schedules, itineraries and whatnot.

Going alone scares me because I think: I am alone, I have walked this valley for hours without meeting anyone, I am far from the world, I have no connection, the phone does not take, I can rely only on myself … Boh… let’s hope for good

It leads me to be more cautious, to assess the risks and dangers well.

When I am with another person I am led to think that I can count on her and this gives me courage and confidence, it pushes me to face certain difficulties that alone would block me.

Going to the mountains involves not only a physical effort that varies according to one’s abilities and training, but also and above all a great intellectual commitment; yes because in my opinion to walk, climb and ski you do not only use muscles, but also and above all you have to use your head; and going to the mountains alone, in my opinion, is very useful as a mental training because I can only count on myself.

In fact this can happen even when I am in company, because it is too easy to think that you can be helped by the partner in case of need; in my opinion, it must also be considered that the companion might need me; so at that point I, not only would I have to get by on my own, but I should also be able to help the other person.

So I think that by going very often alone it can help me to train in this regard.

In times of difficulty self-control becomes fundamental, it is necessary to evaluate the situation well without getting caught up in anxiety or haste and act accordingly calmly and prudently.

The same thing I would make for the phone, the GPS, the radio and all the electronic equipment that never fails in the backpack; these devices are very useful without a shadow of a doubt, but we cannot rely completely and exclusively on these devices; it is right to use them and they are very useful but they are not infallible, they do not always work, they can break and lose, they can have dead batteries, …

In summary and conclusion: I go to the mountains because I like it, am I aware of all the positives and negatives, risks and dangers? of course, they’re part of the game, they’re part of life

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