Polluce and Castore crossing

Remy Maquignaz, the guide of Cogne who accompanied me, published a photo of the tour on Instagram with this comment:….. today beautiful ride on the 4000 of Val D'ayas… crossing Pollux-Castor… super Conditions-

Thanks Remy, what else to add? I put down a brief report of the tour with my impressions.

I'm afraid, I'm afraid I can't, I will put all myself, I hope that time will accompany us and that the conditions of the mountain allow me to realize this dream.

We take the path to Pian di Verra and it begins to rain, then some speck of hail, then the sun returns; A short break to the mezzalama and then good conditions to the Lambronecca; Uncertain weather, then it gets worse, it rains wide snow at altitude; During the night, there are continuous slabs of ice that glide from the roof, boh hopefully well…

In the morning we start in the dark, we are alone on the glacier, a slice of moon follows us.

We are at the base of the Pollux, turn left and climb to the steep canyon; Fresh snow, Remy must trace.

We arrive at the Roccette, then the plaque, the Canalino, another shot and we arrive at the Madonna with the child; Still a jerk up the snowy slope and we're on the tip.

Wow, reached the first goal, hug and photos of the rite, a look at 360 ° between vortices of fog and clouds, the times are good but we can not linger.

We go down to the Madonna and then down we dropping along the wall, then the Roccette and the canyon.

We traverse towards the Passo di verra heading towards the sun, magnificent.

On our right the steep slope that rises to the castor, in the shade, cold.

It starts again, slowly, planting well the crampons, concentration and prudence, excellent track, snow compact/icy, steep… breath…, cross other cordate, slowly but we climb, the goal is approaching, the track takes us on the right shoulder, you climb along the Crest in the direction of the sun that heats us, one step after another, still still yet… we are on the tip, we are on, do not believe it, we did a great time, hugs deep emotion compliments… it is magnificent, a lot of Italian German American people, we are All excited, handshakes, exchanges of news and information between the guides, our thousand colors net and loads stand out on the white of the snow, in the sky games of fog and clouds chasing each other on the other tips of the rose and leaving glimpses of sky Blue.

Ok Well, the more it is done, I shoot the breath and I begin to savor the success of the tour, it does not seem true, great, great satisfaction, the gaze sweeps over the other peaks already made and aims on the dreams yet to be achieved but that, with this success, seem less Away.

We descend along the east ridge that with a bit of ups and downs leads us to the hill of Felik, we walk the glacier of the same name flanking the Punta Perazzi and reach the Sella hut.

Remade the backpack we take the path that descends along the rocky ridge, we slip for some nevai and with the last steps we arrive at the facilities at Bettaforca.

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